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We can help you to find Marketplace health insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act

My experience with Clever Select Insurance has been one of the smoothest insurance experiences I have ever had. They got me great health coverage without spending hours on the phone.
Jennifer G
Phoenix, AZ

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Eligibility for a complimentary health plan is based on household income.
If your income falls within the blue bracket, you qualify.
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Family Size 100% 150% 200% 400%
1 $14,580 $21,870 $29,160 $58,320
2 $19,720 $29,580 $39,440 $78,880
3 $24,860 $37,290 $49,720 $99,440
4 $30,000 $45,000 $60,000 $120,000
5 $35,140 $52,710 $70,280 $140,560
6 $40,280 $60,420 $80,560 $161,120
7 $45,420 $68,130 $90,840 $181,680
8 $50,560 $75,840 $101,120 $202,240
9 $55,700 $83,550 $111,400 $222,800
10 $60,840 $91,260 $121,680 $243,360


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Appointment of Clever Select Insurance, LLC as Authorized Representative / Power of Attorney:


The following limited power of attorney authorizes Clever Select Insurance, LLC to make decisions concerning your health insurance. This limited power of attorney does not authorize Clever Select Insurance, LLC or any other person to make decisions about your medical care.

The following limited power of attorney becomes effective immediately upon signing. If Clever Select Insurance, LLC is unable or unwilling to act for you after you sign the limited power of attorney, we will notify you and this power of attorney will end.

Please review the limited power of attorney carefully. If you have questions about the power of attorney or the authority you are granting to Clever Select Insurance, LLC you should seek legal advice before signing this form.


I grant Clever Select Insurance, LLC limited authority to take any and all actions to select, procure, and maintain health insurance for myself and any dependents though the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace ("FFM"), including, but not limited to the following actions:

    Select a health plan for me;
    Apply for and enroll me (and any dependents) in the selected health plan;
    Add or remove coverage;
    Create or change a beneficiary or dependent designation;
    Update contact information for me and any dependents or beneficiaries;
    Update information relevant to eligibility for subsidies for the health insurance;
    Submit supplemental materials to a health insurance marketplace or exchange, including, but not limited to, proof of income and social security numbers;
    Keep my health insurance in-force by renewing coverage from time to time;
    Change the health plan if a better plan is available; and
    Take any other action with regard to such health insurance as permitted by law.

The authority granted to Clever Select Insurance, LLC hereunder will cease upon my death, incapacity, or if I revoke the power of attorney in writing to Clever Select Insurance, LLC.

Any person, including, without limitation, Clever Select Insurance, LLC, any web-broker through which Clever Select Insurance, LLC may submit an application for insurance on my behalf, and the FFM, may rely upon the validity of this limited power of attorney or a copy of it unless that person knows it has been terminated.

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